About World Fintech Day

August the 1st, 2020 is World Fintech Day


August the 1st is the date of the demise of Cosimo Medici way back in 1464. Cosimo Medici is the father of modern day banking, and founder of the first bank.

 We remember the great founder of Medici bank and his passing as symbolic of Fintech and the way it is profoundly changing banking on a global basis. Join us in celebrating the birth and success of Fintech with the community of hundreds of thousands of professionals shaping the future of money, banking and wealth. 

Global Community


World Fintech Day is a Global Event with Fintech professionals, fans and players all lining up to celebrate the emergence of Fin-Tech! From New York, to London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Stockholm, Berlin, Bangkok, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and more

Get ready to Party!


Live broadcasts from cities around the world for 24 hours straight, plus meetups sponsored by some of the major Fintech startups, media companies, and venture investors